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The Crisis Paradox for Leadership – balancing urgency and importance
Pia Andrews, pipka.org, 29. Oktober 2020

What does good Whitehall leadership look like in 2018?
Kit Collingwood-Richardson, One Team Government, 18. Januar 2018

Agile: A New Way of Governing
Ines Mergel/Sukumar Ganapati/Andy Whitford, 17. April 2020

How service ownership works in DfE
Rachel Hope, DfE Digital, Data and Technology, 8. Februar 2019


How cross-government communities can support cross-government services
Tom Wynne-Morgan/Will Harmer, Government Digital Services, 8. Januar 2018

Scaling Service Design in government: A new approach to service design in large organisations
Lou Downe, Government Digital Service, 9. November 2017

Building Successful Communities of Practice. Discover how connecting people makes better organizations
Emily Webber, Tacit, 2016


Changing culture from the bottom up
Dan Beasley, Defra digital, 26. Juni 2017

Becoming an #OpenCulture
Mike Rose, Defra data programme, 8. September 2016


WTF is Strategy?
Vince Law, General Assembly, 31. März 2017

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